Hi my name’s Gerard, welcome to my shop where you will find a few of my furniture collections and one-off creations.
Made in Wellington, New Zealand.


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Book One
This book is a collaboration with my good friend Conor Dolman, it catalogues our works loosely from the end of university to the end of 2018.

For me, this book is a strategy and something I will endeavour to do every few years primarily as a way of archiving works for personal nostalgia and perhaps a little accountability. I think it will help me remember in 20-30 years why I do this. It also offers a cool little opportunity for sharing, whether that’s directly with Conor or other contributors in the years to come or being able to share the journey with you all.


Cushion Armchair

The Cushion Armchair is crafted through Hydro-forming steel sheets, a process that allows for a gently bulged look on the surface, creating the appearance of an upholstered cushion with buttons. A subtle detail that makes all the difference in person, as well as ensuring a comfortable and durable seating experience. Finished in a soft mint green gradient, the balance of colour and lightness of form creates a chair that bridges on art, while the handcrafted steel construction ensures a lifetime of use.


Puff Chair

Constructed from hand bent steel tubes, offering gentle curves and a low profile back & armrest that tucks seamlessly underneath a table. The Puff Chair base Is produced through Hydro-forming steel sheets, a process allows for a gently bulged look. The handcrafted steel construction ensures a lifetime of use.


Oodles of Noodles

The design started with two steel wireframes to provide the structure for the couch. The wireframes were neat and delicate and made egg-shaped scooping gestures. They would have been exciting frames left like this. Then came the noodles; ducking, weaving and twisting through my neatly constructed frame until it had almost disappeared completely and all that was left were four-pointed feet poking through the cloud of noodles above.


Big Blue

Constructed with 6mm steel rods, the frame comes to together through hundreds of hand welded connections, creating a strong geometric structure. Housing 8 upholstered cushions, a generous depth to the couch allows you to kick your feet up from any angle.
The sofa feels less like a piece of furniture, and more like a full environment to be explored.
It’s truly hard to communicate the scale of this piece, sitting in a world of it’s own.