Hi my name’s Gerard, welcome to my shop where you will find a few of my furniture collections and one-off creations.
Made in Wellington, New Zealand.


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DOMBROSKI is a shop in service of my New Zealand based architecture studio Gerard Dombroski Workshop, where our design interests overflow to our in-house workshop.

We are led by a love of making and the need to invent and design, we love to play and have fun with materials, objects and ideas. I find some ideas will just sit inside of you until you bring them out into the world. This has led me to make a giant spoon and drive it around the country as a photo essay, it led me to make a giant steel banana for my niece and nephew for Christmas one year.

I want this shop to be closely tied to our studio and the whimsical and spontaneous ideas we come up with. This is why we have a category of the shop called 'One-Offs'. This platform is a way of offering one-off things to you to take home, love and cherish. There are so many more ideas to make, so the proceeds will help fund the next set of exciting ideas and creations.

Many architects throughout history have designed furniture, perhaps this is inbuilt, I find its almost a need. So alongside the one-off creations I wanted to create a few lasting ‘Collections’ of furniture that could offer pieces of design to be shared and enjoyed out in the world with a greater audience. While all are built in New Zealand, we work hard to create an accessible price point and a product that is both beautiful and practical, all while maintaining the Gerard Dombroski Workshop whimsy.

I started making furniture back in 2016 as a way to design more things. The Architecture process is quite long and linear and I wanted to give myself more opportunities to learn from my decisions and the option to design and make instinctively.

If you would like to visit the workshop or studio please get in touch and I’ll put the jug on.
For commissions, please feel comfortable to get in touch for a chat.